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Interview: Ron Galella

There was way more stirring in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday night than the pouring rain; an exclusive digital gallery from one of the most iconic celebrity photographers, Ron Galella, was on display for the first time at the Row NYC.

Shot by shot, Ron guided all his guests through his “photographer lens” as he narrated each celebrity shot taken of A-list celebrities at their realest moments. Images ranged from New York City’s most prestigious nightlife — Studio 54, Limelight, Xenon Disco — at their best, behind-the-curtain shots of stars congratulating one another, casual airport sightings, and even a scandalous not-so-happy Sean Penn throwing a punch (literally).

A trip down memory lane, and a few first-edition signings later, I was up to meet one of the most renowned photographers of our time. I sat down for a brief Q&A.

As a young professional, I like to always find out how exactly you arrived at the monumental place you are in your career? [chuckles] Let me tell you, it wasn’t always so fabulous. You start off slow & steady but must learn to maintain thick skin. At first I couldn’t even get into the places were the hot shots were, but I pushed my way through [wink]

Metrosource is a proud LGBT publication, launched in 1990, that has mirrored the changes in society, and how members of our community have been portrayed in the public eye. What was your most impressionable LGBT celebrity moment? [chuckles] Yeah, before gay marriage was legal in New York, I had the chance to work with a quite a few. Most memorable were Elton and his partner – great, great people to work with. [The gay community is] always a great community to work with, and a valuable part of NY life.

Artbook and the ROW NYC have teamed up to publish his new book, Ron Galella New York which is available now via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and more.

Interview by Byron Cordero.

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